Welcome to Challenge-X

We have a winner! THANKS to all 4 Challenge-x: shape the inner cities of Limburg! finalists Daphne Hermans Alessandro Casciaro, Liuda Sharafutdinova Noura Almesned: you were AWESOME!




What is it?

Challenge-X: a fundamental, short question posed to all university and applied sciences students, by a business, a government organization, an NGO, or anyone else that needs some extra brainpower.

Challenge-X: connecting business and organisations from the (EU)region with talented students on the basis of real-life business challenges.

Who can join?

Anyone can participate. If you take on the challenge you send in your answer in no more than 2 pages of writing, a short PPT or video. Your answer should always be to the point. We are looking for ideas that are creative, concrete with a high reach and high impact. Ideas that can be implemented in a short timeframe.


All contributions will be assessed by a expert jury and of course become ownership of the entity that sent in the request. From all submissions a selection of the 5 best proposals will be invited to pitch their idea before a live panel of judges.


This is what you can win: the chance to make your idea happen and a cash prize!

  • €1.000,-
  • €200,-
  • €100,- 

But competition is fierce, so you have to give it your very best (of course you do…!)




shape the future


your knowledge and creativity


a cash prize too!


Province of Limburg

What is the ideal inner city for young (17-25yr) people? Thank you all for participating in this Challenge-X! It is no longer possible to send in your submissions for this Challenge-X. We have a winner! THANKS to all 4 Challenge-x: shape the inner cities...

VDL Nedcar

"How to reach the unemployed in Limburg through digital & offline channels in an appealing way that stimulates action." Challenge-X winners! Very proud of the winners of our first Challenge and a big thank you to all our judges and participants from Jules...

Mise en Place

"What will be the student employment agency of the future?"   Mise en Place is constantly looking ahead and their strategy is aimed at making sure their company and services remain relevant to students. Therefore their challenge was a broad one that gave...