MECC Maastricht

“How to make MECC Maastricht conference centre a more attractive event location for youth?”

The MECC Maastricht is a well known event venue. It identified youth events as a growth market but struggled with this segment too. Therefore they turned to us with their Challenge. This was our first ever Challenge and we are proud to say that for both MECC Maastricht as well as ourselves it was a success. We asked our community for an answer and they came back with ideas that considered both incidental and structural events and also reflected on how MECC Maastricht can attract organisers of such events. Winners Alit Sudarsani and Stefani Christiani put forward a solution that structurally would link MECC Maastricht to the target group and were invited to be part of the team that would start implementing their idea!


1st Place:

Alit Sudarsana & Stefani Christianti

2nd Place:

Philipp Sostmann

3rd Place:

Theo Bertrand-Price


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