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“How to reach the unemployed in Limburg through digital & offline channels in an appealing way that stimulates action.”

Challenge-X winners!

Very proud of the winners of our first Challenge and a big thank you to all our judges and participants from Jules Maastricht and Service Science Factory!

Deadline: October 6th, 00:00

OUR GOAL: to get your fresh, attractive, creative ideas on how to reach the unemployed in the province of Limburg.

IT IS KEY: that your solutions are concrete, conscious of budget, are high reach & high impact and can be implemented within a short timeframe and in such a way that it connects to the target group.

THE TARGET GROUP: People (M/F) that currently experience a disconnect to the job market because of age or education.

WE CHALLENGE YOU: to provide us with your best idea that you can pitch to VDL Nedcar. A quick tip: the best solutions look at both the online as well as offline touchpoints with our target group.

Send in your ideas to submit@challenge-x.com. Format at this stage is less important than content: it can be a video, a PPT or simply a write-up of your solution.


1st Prize: € 300,-


2nd Prize: € 200,-


3rd Prize: € 100,-


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